Sonakshi upset with Kamal Haasan

Sonakshi Sinha was announced to be the heroine of Viswaroopam, starring Kamal Haasan in the lead. The Bollywood actress decided to foray into Kollywood in a big way with this Kamal starrer. But things did not go well for Sonakshi as planned and the actress is upset with Kamal because her dates have been wasted as still there is no news about Viswaroopam commencing, reported some sources in Kollywood.

When we enquired about this, credible sources in Bollywood said that there is no truth in Sonakshi being upset with Kamal. The actress is very much in the film and it will commence shortly.

It may be recalled that some days ago, it was announced that director Selvaraghavan moved out of the project and Kamal Haasan will wield the megaphone in addition to playing the lead role.

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