Shahid Kapoor furious with Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha has done it again! No, not bagged another film, but managed to upset another actor with her tall claims. After having rubbed actor Katrina Kaif the wrong way, the newbie has now apparently miffed actor Shahid Kapoor. And according to sources, in the wake of reports about ‘Shahid keen to work with her’ doing the rounds, Sinha has already shot off personal messages to him apologising for it. But insiders say that the actor is making no bones to hide his displeasure at being ‘used’!

A source close to Kapoor — who is currently shooting in London — reveals that the actor was shocked to hear rumours of him being keen to work with Sinha, while she is not. “First there were rumours linking him to Bipasha Basu and now talks that he’s keen to work with Sinha. He is upset and feels that because he doesn’t retaliate, he’s becoming an easy target,” says the source.

Incidentally, Sonakshi did not hesitate to shoot off personal messages to Shahid apologising for the reports, claiming ignorance of its origin. But those close to the actor feel that since such stories have been openly circulated in the industry, the apology too should have been made on a public platform. The buzz doing the rounds claimed that since she did not make the final cut as a lead in Kapoor’s dad Pankaj Kapur’s film Mausam, she is now thwarting attempts by Shahid to be cast opposite her. “Yes, she was considered for Mausam, but then so were other actors. Too bad she’s taken it personally.

But the fact is that not once has Kapoor expressed any wish to want to work with her specifically. Spreading talks that suggest otherwise clearly benefit only Sonakshi here. So it’s anyone’s guess where the stories are coming from,” adds the source. Sinha did not respond despite repeated calls. Seems like B-wood’s just got another war brewing here. Over to Sona!

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