BFF- Sonakshi Sinha and Sania Mirza bond

While in recent times, actor Sonakshi Sinha has mostly been in the news for her fights and misunderstandings with other stars, there seems to be one person the young actor is getting rather friendly with — tennis ace Sania Mirza.

This dosti comes as a surprise to many since neither Sonakshi, nor Sania seem to have any direct connect with each other and the two even belong to two different fields. But seems like the S factor has worked the magic as the two ladies have been known to be chatting away on social networking sites and have formed a friendship too.

The two have also been spotted indulging in some mutual admiration. A source close to Sonakshi says, “Sona is really fond of Sania and the two have known each other socially. Sona likes the fact that Sania is someone who has consistently been out there on an international forum representing our country in tennis and like every other citizen; she is as proud of her achievements and holds her in high regard. The two got talking on Twitter, but they haven’t met as yet because their schedules don’t match. They may meet once Sona has some free time on hand, once she finishes shooting for her projects.”

It seems Sania too has been more than happy with the dosti and has been chatting up with the young actor. Sonakshi also sent good luck and congratulatory messages to Sania, after the recent grand slam.

Shortly after that Sonakshi tweeted, “Put ur hands together for @MirzaSania who just won the citi cup at washington! Oh by the way — I watched her at wimbledon last month too :D” to which Sania replied, “@sonakshisinha thank you thank you! ssshhh I thought wimby was supposed to be a secret :D” Well, for a change it’s good to know that there’s been an addition in Sonakshi’s friends list this time.

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